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Zero to Z-Cup 2
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Zero to Z-Cup 2

Written by:  Bob Saget
Illustrated by:  Dildo T. Baggins
Release date:  January 25, 2019


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Morgan is a depressed and underdeveloped college girl that is practically invisible to everyone (Sounds familiar right?). Today she is even more depressed because her mom is coming to campus to continue unpacking her things for the dorm. Morgan is the complete opposite of her very busty goddess of mother, and loathes that fact.

Official Publisher's Review

The popular Zero to Z-cup series returns after a long hiatus. The original Zero to Z-Cup’s story has a solid conclusion. That wrapped up ending made it difficult for the author to think of a plot for the sequel. Gretchen, the main character from part one, has not very much development to do. She went from a unsure flat chested zero, to a sexual Z-cup goddess. That’s when the Bob Saget got his idea for the sequel. The story takes place years after the first. Gretchen is a single mother (MILF) and has a daughter named Morgan in college. Morgan loathes her life as a sexually frustrated flat chested zero and hates her crazy voluptuous mom. Zero to Z-cup II’s story revolves around Morgan investigating her Mom’s secrets that will maybe lead her to becoming a Z-cup goddess the he mother.