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Enthrall of the Dublin Stone
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Enthrall of the Dublin Stone

Illustrated by:  Edgar Rodríguez
Release date:  September 13, 2017


Breast Expansion
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At a strip club hotel in Los Vegas the age worn Anita Duval can be seen overlooking a rigged game of craps, while looking about herself almost spitefully at all the younger, taller, slimmer more beautiful women situated about the gambling den. Until an outlandish looking fellow sporting gaudy cloths and bright red hair comes up to the table throwing fat stacks of cash around. During his straight set winning streak at Anita’s fixed competition, she takes notice of the glimmering broach he has which gives off an otherworldly shine. Having been thoroughly cleaned out, Ms. Duval still suspicious of all the strange happenings going on during his escapades, follows him up to his service suite nicking the heirloom he came in with for herself. Little does the schemer realize, she’ll be getting into more than what she believed she’d ever deserve.

Official Publisher's Review

Following the time old tale based the consequences of humanities vices and basic karmic irony. The derided middle aged con artist working at your high class gutter dive you’d typically find in any capitol of sin in the world, only to think she a golden opportunity reveals itself itself to her in the form of a naive looking newcomer who practically screams out scamable schmuck to any willing scam artist, not realizing even after the deed is done that she’s the one being taken for a ride by her host. This desire Anita feels driven largely by greed and by self-centered envy takes after a couple of iconic entities in that regard, like Elizabeth Morton from Spells R Us getting the boy of her dreams at a terrible cost. To skanky nubs from iconic horror movies wishing for beauty from cursed gold only to pay the ultimate price their greed and selfishness. While the mysterious gambler she robbed came thought to be nothing more than another customer about to lose his shirt only to show he’s much more than meets the eye, in many ways being twice as malevolent as his would be burglar, spinning the classical yarns of “be careful what you wish for” coupled with “greed and vanity will always get you in the end”, Enthrall of the Dublin Stone puts a sensual spoof on famous cult classic tales as well as all the dangerous life lessons we grew to love & hate.



  • content

    Hey guys, the revised version is out already! All dialogues have been looked into and it’s now fixed. Go check it!

  • galimba

    I think you should create an “increased beauty”/”beautification” tag

  • basara

    Unfortunately, I cant recommend this story because of a weird font that they use for one guy’s speech that I find almost completely impenetrable. I really have to struggle to make out anything in that font, and since all of his dialogue is written in that, it means if you’re having trouble reading it, you miss out on anything he says.

    • BotComics Marketing

      Hi! Thank you for your feedback. We’ll try to fix the font. Did you have troubles reading all the comic or just an specific page? In the last case, can you please, point what page/s?

      • basara

        Its the specific font that was used for the Dialogue for the male lead of the story, the (I’m guessing) irish guy? Its on all pages that feature him talking or thought balloons for him. Its not that the dialogue is garbled exactly. its that the choice of font used for his dialogue (and only HIS dialogue, the rest of the story is perfectly readable) uses what looks like the kind of greek letters you see as the symbols of college frat houses in place of many letters in the english alphabet. It was probably chosen by the artist or letterer to make his dialogue stand out, but for me personally, I have to really struggle to be able to make out what exactly he’s supposed to be saying, even without any kind of accent or brogue written into his dialogue.

        • BotComics Marketing

          Thanks for the feedback! We’ll take a look and try to fix it!

          • Lurkergg

            I have to agree with Basara, I am I was not able to make out what he was saying. Glad you are looking into it.

          • vard

            Agreed. Whatever font that was used to simulate his accent makes the male character’s speech completely unreadable to me.

          • content

            Hey there, we have acknowledged that and it is being fixed as we speak. There was an error with the font when making the pdf and the story ilustrator is already on it! :)