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Captain Amour

#2: Captain Amour

Captain Amour
Written by:  DeLonge
Illustrated by:  Eros Studio , Peter Logan
Release date:  August 3, 2018


Age Rating



Sal is fed up with being underappreciated for her photojournalistic abilities. Being assigned another crap job of taking photos of drunk Greek life, she accidentally stumbles onto the endangered Captain Amour and her captor, Penis Fly Trap. Shocked and confused, she realizes that this is her chance to get some attention from the communication department. She decides to seize the opportunity for more fame by taking a picture of their battle, however, it proves ill-fated as she herself becomes a victim by the plant villain. She is quickly captured and bound by tentacles. Stripped and forced to sexually pleasure Penis Fly Trap, the villain proves too powerful for both Sal and Captain Amour to defeat using conventional methods. It is only through luck that Sal is able to eventually free the both of them, knocking Penis Fly Trap unconscious, leaving them both battle worn and exhausted by the end of things. Through their ordeal, however, a strange type of partnership is unspokenly formed.

Official Publisher's Review

The exciting story of Captain Amour continues in this pulse-pounding sequel! Still under apprehension by the villainous Penis Fly Trap, our hero finds herself in over her head, unable to escape her entanglement. It isn’t until the fortunate arrival of a naive campus photographer, Sal, that she stands a chance at freeing herself and defeating her rival. But things don’t always go as planned, and both her and Sal will quickly find themselves in over their heads, struggling for their lives and being confined in the air, hovering above the ground while Penis Fly Trap has her fun with them. Can the two of them escape? What will they resort to in order to free themselves from the strong tentacular clutches of their common foe? What else may be in store for them? Find our in this nonstop action filled issue of Captain Amour!