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Seins Au Chocolat
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Seins Au Chocolat

Written by:  Bob Saget
Illustrated by:  Azrael
Release date:  January 7, 2015




Victoria and James are a happy couple, and today is their anniversary! After a great night out, James surprises Victoria with a box of exotic chocolates called Siens Au Chocolat. Victoria loved the gift because she knows that Jame sis not fond of chocolate. After eating a bit Victoria’s breasts began to grow. James was startled and eventually fainted from the amazing sight.

Official Publisher's Review

Woman love chocolate. Bob Saget took this stereotype and made a story out of it. The breast expansion is great and the story is decent until the unexpected plot point. That plot point is when it was revealed how Victoria new that the breast expansion would happen all along. She thought her growing breasts would be the perfect gift but it turned out to just overwhelm Jame’s senses. Subscriber’s should look forward to future parts.