Archive: June 2012

  • Lilith

    Two college students release a great evil unto the world: Lilith, a succubus determined to enslave the world. They are given powers over body and mind and charged with stopping her. With Xore's ability to control minds and Emily's ability to change a person's body, will they be able to defeat Lilith or will they fall pray to their own lusts and desires?
    Written by:  Fahzbehn
    Release date:  June 29, 2012
  • Dressed for Success

    Nikki and her older sister Leila have always known they'd work at the family diner in their small town when they graduated. Recently having graduated herself, Nikki now fears that the family diner may have little chance of surviving when Teeters opens right across the main highway from them. Teeters is a restaurant that knocks off other chains where the food isn't the important part of the restaurant experience. No, Teeters isn't selling food, they're selling the customers on top heavy waitresses. And everything seems to be looking dismal for the family-run diner until their boss and mother surprises them one day with new uniforms. The uniforms are supposed to help them compete, and yet they aren't exactly revealing. In fact, Nikki thinks, they look pretty much the same. However things soon change much more than either of the sisters could predict as soon as the unusually silky uniforms are touching their flesh. The customers may not be getting the best service with correct orders, but as their mother says, the customer should always leave satisfied. And Nikki and Leila have some growing ways of satisfying all their customers.
    Written by:  Kris P. Kreme
    Release date:  June 15, 2012