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Zero to Z-Cup

#5: Zero to Z-Cup

Zero to Z-Cup
Written by:  Bob Saget
Release date:  February 18, 2015




Kendra, now very curvy and bust, moves in to seduce Max. Max finds himself naked before he could even think about Gretchen. Kendra starts by making sure his penis his hard enough to please her. The voluptuous bitch then crawls on top of Max and presses down so that she gets penetrated. Meanwhile Gretchen gets a strange text and rushes to her apartment. She then faces her greatest foe…

Official Publisher's Review

Zero to Z-Cup comes to a close at last. The story had a few plot holes and heavy handed information but that did not matter in my opinion. The story never took itself seriously. The breast expansion and sex is what makes the story great. The attention to detail Saget puts toward the breast expansion makes him one of the best authors on the site. Zero to Z-Cup is now another one of his masterpieces.