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Zero to Z-Cup

#4: Zero to Z-Cup

Zero to Z-Cup
Written by:  Bob Saget
Release date:  November 19, 2014




Gretchen, and her fantastically endowed friends all have a orgy. During the intense pleasure Gretchen realizes how wrong she was for not showing her friends the meteor earlier. To make up for it, all of them went to the club that night. Meanwhile at Gretchen’s house, trouble was afoot. Kendra thought Gretchen was selling her clothes, so she wanted revenge. While going through her things, Kendra touched the meteor. Her breasts and her beauty grew to unreal heights. How will Kendra have her revenge now that she is armed with her new looks?

Official Publisher's Review

Zero to Z-cup part 1 starts off by giving us the information to understand the main character and the conflicts faces. Saget did a good job in explaining this without dragging it on for ages. Later on in the story we get the breast expansion we were waiting for. The clothes tearing and flesh bulging is great! Saget never fails to disappoint in that category. So far the only lackluster thing of this series is the classic “it came from outer space plot.” I fear not though, because the meteor is only a tool for future breast growth and sex that will excite us readers.