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Welcome to Chastity

#9: Welcome to Chastity

Welcome to Chastity
Written by:  SaburoX
Release date:  April 9, 2012




Part Nine of Welcome to Chastity is another sort of breather episode that, with some bookends that allude to the greater plot in play with regards to the Mayor’s death and the reactions of the principle cast to hearing about it, is instead largely devoted to an extended dream sequence that has heroine Mei Lau growing the largest breasts seen yet in the series. Having said that, not all the process is imaginary, as once she awakens from her nightmare, Mei finds that while she’s not big enough to knock down buildings, she’s still larger than ever before….

Official Publisher's Review

Part nine of Welcome to Chastity is a bit of a mixed bag. Some will love it, some might hate it, and many might prefer it as a standalone than part of the longer Chastity Saga.

Most of the issue takes place in a dream sequence. Here we see the most on screen breast expansion Chastity has ever had, reaching really gargantuan proportions. “Wow” sized breast fans will be pleased, and Portal Comic does an excellent job rendering the environs. Great details really drive the point home of just how big Mei is.

And yet, it’s a dream sequence. There is no “it was all a dream” moment- it’s clear from the start that it’s a dream, and that’s just what will undermine it for some readers. This makes up the bulk of the issue and whether or not you like a dream within a fiction will impact your appreciation of the issue.

Outside of the dream sequence there’s still some great stuff in here- a back shot of Mei topless shows just how huge she’s gotten, and not all the BE in the issue takes place in a dream… There’s next to no plot progression in this issue, but the final page is pretty hot. After eight issues of getting to know and care for Mei, there’s some pretty huge payoff.