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Welcome to Chastity

#8: Welcome to Chastity

Welcome to Chastity
Written by:  SaburoX
Release date:  March 7, 2012




Issue Eight of Welcome to Chastity starts out with another upsize in growth for protagonist Mei Lau and explores her reaction to it, mostly with her lamenting the fact that her breasts have gotten so huge that even her huge busted roommates’ clothes don’t even really fit her, which leads to a montage of her trying on their clothes to showcase just how much larger she is than her already huge friends.
This issue also continues the romantic subplot between Mei and Detective Scott, culminating in their date that was alluded to a few times in earlier issues. It’s something of an aside; the montage and date serving as a breather after the more plot heavy arc beforehand, especially since there’s yet another cliffhanger indicating that the story may have some more heavy plot elements looming on the horizon as Mei learns of the Mayor’s demise…

Official Publisher's Review

After five issues, it’s time for some more of the long awaited BE! Issue 8 of Welcome to Chastity finally has another dose of BE for our heroine, Mei… and it happens off page. This may be a little vexing even for longtime fans, but the size upgrade is much appreciated, and most of the issue is spent showing off Mei’s new assets, with Mei bulging out of her clothes and trying out a new wardrobe.

The plot takes a backseat here, a little bit of a breather after the last few issues, in favor of the romance subplot. This isn’t the strongest feature of Welcome to Chastity, but it isn’t unappreciated. It’s a refreshing change of pace to see some genuine romance that doesn’t involve mind control or bimboification.

Reading back to back with issue seven there is a bit of a disconnect- the huge cliffhanger ending of the previous issue isn’t even known by the main characters until the second last page. This hurts the pacing of the comic overall, although this issue is still a pleasant standalone.

Every issue of Chastity seems to end on a cliffhanger, but with issue eight we’re finally getting into some more meaty stuff. The implications of the cliffhanger are fascinating and could lead to very big things in the future…