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Welcome to Chastity

#7: Welcome to Chastity

Welcome to Chastity
Written by:  SaburoX
Release date:  December 16, 2011




The story of Welcome to Chastity continues with parts 7 and begins to pick up the pace in terms of both plot and eroticism. It begins immediately after the last, with the characters still in shock over the Mayor’s arrest in the previous issue, but quickly moves past it.
There’s another long awaited sex scene, a few action montages, more romance, all wrapped up in the usual Chastity trappings of attractive women with huge breasts. The plot takes another turn in the last few pages as well, as what looks like a new villain steals the show and ups the stakes.

Official Publisher's Review

Issue Seven of Welcome to Chastity does a lot to remedy some of the prevailing balance and pacing issues that cropped up in recent chapters. The plot is still here- in spades- but it’s counterpointed by some sex scenes and action.

Tara from Issue 6 reappears in all her glory, and there are some good scenes between sisters- half the fun of having multiple huge breasted characters is watching them smoosh together. There’s still a bit of a BE drought, but given the tight sequencing of events up until now it’s almost forgivable given what else the comic has to offer.

The plot twist at the end is definitely an intriguing one, although it takes the comic in a new direction and leaves a lot of questions about the last three or so issues. It’s nice to finally get some actual dialogue from the mayor, the would-be villain of the piece, although it looks like he was just a piece of a greater mystery, and there won’t be much more of it.

The art is good as always. The attention to detail is somewhat unexpected, with posters from Gwen’s room the same here as when they were introduced way back in Issue 1. This is a touch that most fans won’t notice, but it adds to the ambience and the sense of place that really sell Chastity as a setting.

This chapter gets everything back on track and is fun to boot.