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Welcome to Chastity

#6: Welcome to Chastity

Welcome to Chastity
Written by:  SaburoX
Release date:  September 23, 2011




While the newest chapter of Welcome to Chastity is another that builds on backstory and is a little heavy on the exposition for some tastes, the breasts displayed therein are only getting bigger.
As the reader follows Mei to Chastity Hills, an affluent community in Chastity that was mentioned two issues ago as the home to the bustiest women in a town where breasts are already impossibly huge. This is perhaps best exemplified in the new character that gest introduced; Rayya’s younger and inexplicably huge breasted sister Tara is the largest yet.
Character growth takes precedence once again over breast growth as there’s some backstory expended on Rayya’s home life, further building up the personal histories of the cast and dropping more hints towards the mysteries surrounding their constantly growing breasts. And once again, a cliffhanger ending puts another piece of the puzzle into place.

Official Publisher's Review

Issue 6 continues Welcome to Chastity with another healthy dose of huge breasts- this time larger than ever before. It introduces the earlier mentioned Chastity Hills; a new part of town where the rich and the huge live, and Rayya’s ‘little’ sister, the enormously endowed Tara.

More breasts are very welcome after issue 5, and like Fiona in issue 3, we get a glimpse of one of the bigger girls in town, and in theory a tease for how big Mei might become. This is somewhat undermined by the fact that there’s again no BE for Mei in this issue, unlike issue 3, so the comparison isn’t as ready. In fact this continues a slow spell in Mei’s BE, with nothing happening on that front (or more accurately, on her front), since way back in issue 3.  This is a little disappointing, by this time there’s a good connection built up between Mei and the reader and it’s a generally a point to play upon that affection with some well-timed expansion. Having said that, this chapter also provides a little more backstory in terms of Rayya, as it explores parts of her home life and gives her a little more depth than many supporting characters tend to get in fetish comics.

This chapter also falls back on a little more exposition, which, though dialogue heavy, is generally well handled, and continues the mystery BE plot line that Mei’s been pursuing, which is also good, as there’s nothing worse than a protagonist who can’t take the initiative, but clearly Mei can. The art is excellent as always, although the coloring does fall short in one or two panels where characters seem a little more washed out than normal.

Overall the plot moves at a good pace, and the now series standard cliffhanger leaves leaves the reader hungry for issue 7.