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Welcome to Chastity

#5: Welcome to Chastity

Welcome to Chastity
Written by:  SaburoX
Release date:  June 14, 2010




This issue picks up immediately after the last left off, which seems to be a running thing in the series. Police arrive to research the cameras hidden in Mei’s dorm. With the help of Scott, a young detective on the force (and a potential love interest for Mei, if her reaction is to be believed). While the cameras are removed and the co-eds process the emotional trauma from their ordeal, a greater conspiracy begins to unfold across town as in this issue’s cliffhanger ending the police quickly find that the mastermind behind their placement is be someone high up in the city government…

Official Publisher's Review

Welcome to Chastity issue 5 tips the balance back in favor of plot- it’s a very light on titillation, but advances the running narrative of the story considerably.

This issue is well drawn as always and introduces some new characters in the form of the Chastity police department. There’s a romance subplot introduced here that pays off a bit later, but overall a lot of the issue is given over to the police showing up and is generally “talky” in nature. Those that don’t need a great deal of BE or nudity in every issue to get by, should still be satisfied as overall this issue seeks to add more plot than porn. Ultimately this issue may cement the series as one that’s character and story driven rather than (or perhaps in addition to) a vehicle for increasingly larger breasts. While it could perhaps have used some more action to liven up the plot points, the dialogue continues to be well written, and witty.
The plot twist cliffhanger for this issue is a little surprising, particularly in terms of pacing. It’s shocking and more than a little abrupt, with ramifications that will no doubt continue in over the subsequent issues.

Overall not a bad issue, the panel to panel writing and art are up to the series’ continued high standards, but this issue is one that focuses more on the stakes getting larger than the breasts.