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Welcome to Chastity

#4: Welcome to Chastity

Welcome to Chastity
Written by:  SaburoX
Release date:  May 18, 2010




After part 3 of Welcome to Chastity ended, our heroine Mei Lau was left with a pair of breasts the size of her head. Not one to take this lying down, Mei starts again asking questions, playing detective as she retraces her steps and going over everyone she’s met as she begins to probe deeper into the inner workings of Chastity.
However, her investigative efforts prove to be none too successful, met with confusion and even outright aggression in the case of her dour goth roommate. But before she can continue searching for the hidden truth of Chastity, a new problem presents itself; and Mei stumbles across a hidden surveillance conspiracy that may or may not be related to her burgeoning bust…

Official Publisher's Review

With issue 4 Welcome to Chastity begins to move more in terms of plot. The first two issues established the characters and setting, and the third began the main character’s BE arc, but throughout there were really only hints of greater the plot that starts getting a little deeper than usual fetish fare.
Mei begins to question the basic assumptions of Chastity introduced in previous chapters, and wonders about the mystery that everyone is just too willing to accept- why does everyone in Chastity have big breasts? Why are there seemingly no consequences despite the inhuman sizes they attain? Of course, investigating such a mystery involves an awful lot of staring at breasts, and Portal Comic’s rendering of the background characters shines here.

This issue also shows us the first sex scene in the series. It’s short but sweet, with Portal Comic’s art making it well worth the wait. The visual story telling techniques have also improved here, with sound effects being used to greater effect than in the previous three issues.
The issue ends on another cliffhanger plot advancement, whetting the appetite for the next issue. All in all, Welcome to Chastity IV is a great issue that carries on well from the third.