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Welcome to Chastity

#2: Welcome to Chastity

Welcome to Chastity
Written by:  SaburoX
Release date:  October 9, 2012




Mei wakes up to her first full day in Chastity following her freak out the night before. She overcomes her initial shock, if only to ask the obvious questions on her mind get asked as her roommates Rayya and Gwen explain to her just how the town –and its buxom residents– manage in the day to day when their breasts start at head sized and just keep getting bigger.

Her questions begin to get answered in what is largely a scenic tour of college life, albeit a college populated by giant-breasted women. At the end of the day, although she’s still not entirely convinced that breasts aside, Chastity is a normal town, Mei begins to accept her situation long enough to start fitting in… Only to find the following morning that she’s starting to fit in physically as well!

Official Publisher's Review

This chapter is heavy on exposition but heavy on big breasts as well.

This issue focuses primarily on world building, explaining a lot of the basics of the story and setting, which is helped along with a great many to show it off with group shots filled with huge breasted co-eds. It’s a fairly effective story telling method; if a story has to have an info dump, better to have it coming from big bosomed girls in their underwear.

The pacing builds slowly towards the chapter’s inevitable and long awaited twist ending. It’s another cliffhanger, giving us the real BE of the story. Things could stand to move a little faster, but the pacing serves to give us a good look at Chastity and helps further build the characters as well as set us up for things to come. The BE starts off light here but as mentioned previously, this chapter has at least has more nudity than the previous.

As with the first issue, getting to grips with the characters is enjoyable, making the brief glimpse of BE all the sweeter at the end, with the possibility of a lot more in the offing.