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Welcome to Chastity

#12: Welcome to Chastity

Welcome to Chastity
Written by:  SaburoX
Release date:  February 1, 2013




It’s Halloween night and magic is in the air. And, in the case of Chastity, literally, as a strange mirror image of Gwen appears to terrorize Mei. Answers behind the huge breasts of Chastity’s populace are finally revealed as this Anti-Gwen reveals both her identity as the mastermind behind all of the weird mysteries of Chastity, her and the towns’ strange and sordid past.
However the history lesson is short lived and gives way to a chase through the college campus that adds to the action as the story builds up to its climactic finale in the next issue.

Official Publisher's Review

Welcome to Chastity nears its finish with the action packed issue twelve. This issue features a lot more on-panel action than any of those beforehand, with less time taken up by dialogue. There’s still some information and some late game exposition, but it’s delivered in a quick and exciting manner, and the change of pace feels very appropriate for the comic’s finale.

All secrets are finally revealed with one final plot twist that, shockingly, isn’t in another cliffhanger. The villain of the piece is fully revealed, stripped of mystery and pretty intimidating. The villain’s story is told well, and features a balance of the aforementioned action and healthy doses of BE, nudity, and sex.

Character interactions remain witty and true to character, although the humour does at times undermine the drama of the story’s climax.

Overall an excellent addition that ups the ante with a big ending appropriate for such a big story.



  • andreyev2

    I`d like to review it. The artist work is wonderful and the story (That I usually dont really care about) is interesting. However, I simply cannot have a download link for the 12th part. I bought the story three times but the only links I received takes me back to Bestory homepage. I used to have a monthy subscription and I liked it; I could browse from story to story. Now, I have to go through loops just to get a working link.

    I hope someone gets fired for corrupting a working subscription into a marketing black hole.