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Welcome to Chastity

#10: Welcome to Chastity

Welcome to Chastity
Written by:  SaburoX
Release date:  May 24, 2012




Issue ten begins with another montage showing off heroine Mei Lau’s newly expanded bust, with a few well illustrated panels showing just how hard it is to fit into showers, clothing, and go along in your daily life with breasts that make up a good half your body mass.
Gwen and Rayya are conspicuously absent but their presence is made up for with another cameo from buxom clothier Fiona and the usual bevvy of huge breasted Chastity residents. Scott returns as well, and with it more of the series’ recurring romantic plot as he and Mei go on a spontaneous lunch date. However, it’s not all fun and games, as Scott drops a bomb revealing that once upon a time the town was famous for its witch trials.
Sensing that this could be the big break in her case, Mei speeds off to research Chastity’s history with the supernatural, only to find that she may have had a witch under her nose all along…

Official Publisher's Review

Issue ten of Welcome to Chastity is a joy to read. For those who have been following the series from the start, there’s plenty of payoff. Mei, our heroine, has finally grown to grand proportions, and the issue does an excellent job of showing them off. It opens with a montage reminiscent of issue three, showing Mei’s growing pains as she adjusts to life with gigantic breasts and being one of the girls in Chastity.

There’s more of the romance subplot here, and it’s at its best, with some cute humor that really helps to fill out the character interactions between Mei and Scott and make their relationship more believable. Portal Comic also does a good job facial expressions to show the little interactions between the characters.

Last but not least there’s a bit of a plot bombshell in this issue. Welcome to Chastity’s greater emphasis on narrative has always been a mixed blessing- moving from plot heavy issues, to striking a good balance, to a lot of boob and no plot. Issue ten one that showcases what happens when it hits that sweet spot in between the extremes,  dishing out everything fans of the series love, including some follow-up on the cliffhanger from issue eight.

One of the best issues of the series and ought to have a little something for everyone.