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The Adventures Of Superstar

#6: The Adventures Of Superstar

The Adventures of Superstar
Written by:  SaburoX
Illustrated by:  Chris Flash , Peter Logan
Characters:  SuperStar
Release date:  July 20, 2016




What does a superhero do when the last punch has been thrown and the criminals are locked safely away in their cells? The final issue of the Adventures of Superstar seeks to answer these questions in three simple ways: Chinese takeout, sex marathons, and the start of a new adventure!

Official Publisher's Review

The final installment of the Adventures of Superstar acts as a supplemental epilogue to the main arc; tying up the looser ends of the main story and affording time for a sex scene. As such the characterization and narration are both a little lighter to make way for visuals rather than text. However the tone is preserved throughout, ending on a decidedly optimistic note. Lastly, while this is the final issue, the narrative forgoes a definitive conclusion in lieu of something more open ended in nature; much like the genre it pays homage to, there’s room for further adventures in the same universe.