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The Adventures of Superstar

#2: The Adventures of Superstar

The Adventures of Superstar
Written by:  SaburoX
Illustrated by:  Chris Flash , Peter Logan
Characters:  SuperStar
Release date:  February 11, 2015




Picking up immediately after the previous issue, Superstar comes to in the lair of her arch nemesis The Robster and his mysterious new femme fatale of an ally. At the mercy of the two super criminals, Superstar flashes back to a simpler time when she was Danica Davis, an average everywoman, and to the bizarre circumstances through which she gained superpowers and a dozen cup sizes to go with them.

Official Publisher's Review

The second part of this comic series temporarily eschews the initial narrative in order to go back in history; telling a superhero origin story in the vein of some of the genre’s most enduring archetypes. Even at its darkest the miniseries is fairly light in narrative tone, offering a more upbeat than many comics that combine superheroes and eroticism, with a narrative character driven by the title character’s often sarcastic internal monologue. As with the previous chapter the breast expansion is the sole feature of the eroticism, so while the sizes reached are on the smaller side of the than the writer’s usual spectrum, BE purists will be sure to get their money’s worth.