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Spells R Us: Dream Girl

#5: Spells R Us: Dream Girl

Spells R Us: Dream Girl
Written by:  Anonymoose
Release date:  December 7, 2011




Ana and Liz continue to handle the changes that the potion from Spells R Us have brought to them. Liz is bailed out of jail by her best friend Ana, but not before one last humiliating experience as the new Liz. Her body is now purely made it seems to please men, and she is very good at handling that task. As Ana tries to uncover a way to turn the tables on the spell that seems cast over them, Liz returns home only to stumble into even more humiliating perversions. Ana speaks to Carlos, the one who made her what she is and while he is sweet and genuine, his dream version of Ana is different than she thought as the source of her wealth and fame is revealed, a revelation that will change how Liz and Ana see each other forever. In the end, both girls have accepted the new lives Spells R Us has given them.