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Danger Breast

#2: Danger Breast

Danger Breast
Written by:  J.J. McQuade
Release date:  January 14, 2015

An episode in which Pat will see Barbra and wrapped in exotic situations. New characters enter the scene, thereby enriching the fascinating adventure of Barbra, the guardian of the Jungle.

Official Publisher's Review

During this episode, the story of Barbra Danger takes shape. With the emergence of her creator, a German medical geneticist, Doctor Mendel, and his monstrous assistant Francis, this episode will leave the door open for more intrigue. Both girls will run separate ways now, but later, their stories and their appetites will touch very closely.



  • asnowdon89

    Not a fan of this. Comic doesn’t make sense and very simple text errors everywhere. -1 out of 5