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#5: Collider

Written by:  Keedorah , Malenkaya
Release date:  March 25, 2015




May, fully aware of her reality warping powers, has taken full advantages of all the perks that come with being a huge breasts, goddess. Now ruler of the world what would one last romp with her old scientist pal Linkova matter before she transcends Earth for better things? If only May knew just how powerful her orgasms are….

Official Publisher's Review

The long awaited continuation of a BE Story Club Classic: Collider. The story picks up right where it left off, and delves deeply into reality warping growth and fetish fuel. A fun, sexy romp with lots for everyone to enjoy: mini-gts, draining, BE (lots and lots of BE), and hints of FMG. In many ways, this chapter channels the fabulous BESC tale “Stranger than Fiction,” if the protagonist behind the wheel was maybe a little more sexed crazed, and less concerned with the well being of others. This marks the conclusion of this tale, although leaves the ending open to new explorations into the power of the collider. Malenkaya picks up the story, which a much stronger focus on sex and sexuality, but draws out the story in tandem with its original feel and plot line.



  • kong

    really nice series !
    i was hoping it don’t finish this soon ,but it was amazing .