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#2: Collider

Written by:  Keedorah , Malenkaya
Release date:  June 25, 2014




Two scientists find themselves at the bust enhancing end of a science experiment gone wrong. Manipulated by Dr. Smith, the device has been programmed to make to make women grow giant breasts and become increasingly horny. But even the perverse doctor couldn’t have anticipated the true extent of the machines power– something the two girls hope to exploit. With each step closer to the machine, the girls are more heavily influenced by it, and the once timid scientists find begin to explore their bodies in ways they never thought possible. Can they stop the machine before they are pulled too deep into their own sexual frenzy?

Official Publisher's Review

The long awaited continuation of a BE Story Club Classic: Collider. The story picks up right where it left off, and delves deeply into reality warping growth and fetish fuel. A fun, sexy romp with lots for everyone to enjoy: mini-gts, draining, BE (lots and lots of BE), and a little bit of clitoris growth. This is part 2 of a 5 part series. Malenkaya picks up the story, which a much stronger focus on sex and sexuality, but draws out the story in tandem with its original feel and plot line.