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Changing and Growing in Las Vegas

#8: Changing and Growing in Las Vegas

Changing and Growing in Las Vegas
Written by:  Great Dragon Ad , Malenkaya
Release date:  February 18, 2013




Both Bonnie and Azusa have learned a lot more about their abilities, Bonnie quickly learning fear is just as powerful as admiration. Her subversive plan to get revenge on the once petite Asian quickly turns into an all out brawl, and a competition of who can use their powers the best. Regular law enforcement seem oblivious to the dangers of expanding strippers, leaving it up to Azusa to take out the trash, but she won’t have to do it alone. While initially distracted by a fling from her past, the fierce Megan– newly enhanced with her father’s chemical formula– quickly jumps to help her buddy out of the growing problem. Will glory and riches meet the heroine, or utter humiliation? Las Vegas is an ever changing and growing city, and it always has something new to throw at you. Azusa is put to the final test to see if she has what it takes to make it in Sin City.