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Boobpire Resurrection

#4: Boobpire Resurrection

Boobpire Resurrection
Written by:  Bob Saget
Illustrated by:  J.J. McQuade
Characters:  Boobpire
Release date:  February 22, 2017




April revels in the chaotic orgy she had created.  Turned on by the masses before her, April grabs Olivia to satisfy her lustful urges.  Little does April know that a model has survived the onslaught.  Hiding amongst the zombie orgy, the model quietly dials the police. How much help could the police be against a dangerously horny zombie horde?  The answer is not much.  Law enforcement is not equipped to handle the supernatural.  The sex crazed zombies quickly overwhelm the officers.  April satisfied with the scene before her, decides to return to her liar to continue having sex with Olivia without interruption.  A lone female officer remains as she vainly fends off the sex zombies.  Her gun soon runs out of ammo and she is left to the mercy of the undead horde.  The policewoman curls up into a ball and closes her eyes as she anticipates her end, when suddenly zombie screams fill her ears…

Official Publisher's Review

Boobpire returns after a long hiatus. The Boobpire story was originally going to be a one-shot story, but reader demand turned Boobpire into a full fledged series.  The story also includes sexual situations based vampire erotica.  Vampires in popular culture are seen as sexy monsters, as opposed to something like Frankenstein’s monster.  Bo Saget thought that breast expansion will be a perfect twist to throw into the vampire formula we have all come to know. Boobpires have similar qualities to vampires, but the have some differences besides the giant breasts.  Boobpire’s strengths and weaknesses will be explored further a the story progresses amongst the erotic vampire chaos.