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Boobpire Resurrection

#2: Boobpire Resurrection

Boobpire Resurrection
Written by:  Bob Saget
Illustrated by:  J.J. McQuade
Characters:  Boobpire
Release date:  October 12, 2016




It is found out that Boobpires can create busty zombies if they are completely drained.  April jabs at Olivia with the fact that she is lucky to not have been turned into a shambling undead.  The two demons soon make up as they loving caress and explore each other’s bodies.  Suddenly a surviving model stabs April in the back.  To the model heroes dismay, April discovers that she can easily recover from the moral wound.  The voracious Boobpires soon turn to devour the life force of the helpless models still alive.  Meanwhile out at the runway, the audience is blissfully unaware of the madness that is happening in the dressing room.  The bliss is short lived as a mob of models turned suddenly zombies rush in.  The voluptuous zombies want sex above all else as they rip off clothes of the shocked fashion show goers

Official Publisher's Review

Boobpire returns after a long hiatus. The Boobpire story was originally going to be a one-shot story, but reader demand turned Boobpire into a full fledged series.  The story also includes sexual situations based vampire erotica.  Vampires in popular culture are seen as sexy monsters, as opposed to something like Frankenstein’s monster.  Bo Saget thought that breast expansion will be a perfect twist to throw into the vampire formula we have all come to know. Boobpires have similar qualities to vampires, but the have some differences besides the giant breasts.  Boobpire’s strengths and weaknesses will be explored further a the story progresses amongst the erotic vampire chaos.